World class athlete secures six gold medals. CBAM technology and printing process was used to produce the innovative bolt action components.
World class athlete secures six gold medals. CBAM technology and printing process was used to produce the innovative bolt action components.
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Impossible Objects, partnered with Ricoh 3D unlocked a hidden secret in bolt action World Championship using CBAM Technology.

In a groundbreaking application of technology to sports, Ricoh 3D, in collaboration with Impossible Objects (IO), has introduced composite 3D printing innovations that have transformed the Biathlon World Championships 2023.

Harnessing over 80 years of manufacturing expertise, Ricoh 3D has made strides in the world of 3D printing solutions. This innovation journey led them to co-create with partners like Impossible Objects, a firm specializing in Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) technology.

CBAM 3D printed composite parts expand into competitive sports with the help of Ricoh 3D and Athletics 3D.

Impossible Object’s new and innovative 3D printing process known as CBAM is going to evolve many industries and will quite literally change the game for various verticals and applications within production and manufacturing. The most exciting part about IO is that we’re pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing each and every day.

Bolt Handle Transformed from a 15g Aluminum Piece using CBAM 3D Printing

The sports world watched closely as biathletes sought the ideal bolt handle: a delicate balance between weight, durability, ergonomics, and efficiency. The challenge was creating a product that not only optimized performance but also remained resilient in extreme winter conditions, even plunging to lows of -20°C.

Impossible Objects’ groundbreaking CBAM technology. This state-of-the-art process involves layered designs 3D printed onto fiber sheets, enhanced by a high-performance polymer powder. The outcome? A bolt handle transformed from a 15g aluminum piece to a mere 4g marvel crafted from Carbon Fiber PEEK.

The immediate benefits included swifter bolt operations, remarkable durability, and a newfound confidence among athletes.

Composite Printed Components on Bolt Action Spark Inspiration to Innovate Further

The Biathlon World Championships 2023 stood witness to this triumph in technology. The Championships concluded with six gold medals in favor of those harnessing this composite 3D printed marvel, attesting to the technology’s potential in elite competitive sports.

“The PEEK CF material revolutionized the game, giving our athletes a tangible physical and mental edge. Their trust in their equipment, especially their rifle, was paramount, and this innovation delivered.”

Clément Jacquelin, President and Founder @ Athletics 3D®

An Exciting Future Ahead for Additive Manufacturing

“We are on the frontier of delivering reliable, cutting-edge 3D printed solutions to world-class athletes. The horizon is promising, and we’re just embarking on this journey.”

Darren Fill, Lead Application Designer @ Impossible Objects

Echoing this sentiment, Enrico Gallino from Ricoh 3D said,

“Witnessing 3D printing influence outcomes at top-tier competitions is both inspiring and indicative of its vast potential. We are poised for more breakthroughs.”

Enrico Gallino, Senior Engineer – Materials Specialist @ Rioch 3D

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