The World’s Fastest
Industrial 3D Printer

Introducing the CBAM 25 from Impossible Objects.


Carbon Fiber Nylon 12, Carbon Fiber PEEK, Fiberglass Nylon 12, Fiberglass PEEK and more


Composite Based Additive Manufacturing (CBAM) is 3D Printing at Scale

Making the world. Faster.

CBAM 25 is a revolutionary new technology engineered and designed to scale additive manufacturing into industrial settings

Increased Productivity
  • Load and unload run technology for powders, inks, and build blocks
  • Roll fed substrate minimizes sheet handling errors and increases productivity
  • AI-based, in-situ process control to ensure stable and repeatable printing
High Performance Materials
  • Unlike short fibers, long-fiber carbon enables stronger and more mechanically sound parts including carbon fiber PEEK
  • Advanced polymer powders that are chemical and heat resistant, 350℃ melting point
  • UL 94V-0 flame resistance certification
Smart Quality Control
  • Real Time Defect Detection and Avoidance System
  • Automatic print monitoring and correction with Smart Yield technology
  • Minimizes scrap builds
  • Improves productivity uptime and reduces costs
Simple Operating Environment
  • CBAM 25 operates in standard industrial environments
  • No hazardous waste or explosion risks
  • No special material storage requirements
  • Operates with standard shop utilities (air, power)
High Dimensional Tolerance
  • Bulk thermal processing eliminates warping, cracking and seams associated with other 3D processes
  • 100 microns accuracy achievable
  • Little shrinkage or warpage
  • Produce large, flat parts
Sustainability Focused
  • Room temperature printing means no wasted powder
  • Unfused fibers can be recycled

Industrial 3D Printing 15x Faster than Market Competition

Composite Based additive manufacturing (CBAM) is the world’s fastest 3D printing technology and process. The CBAM 25 prints a each layer in under 4 seconds and produces parts 15x Faster with better dimensional accuracy than any technology on the market.

Industrial-grade high-performance, composite materials, such as carbon fiber PEEK, the CBAM 25 produces parts with better strength-to-weight ratios compared to aluminum and better temperature performance than conventional materials.

Carbon Fiber/PEEK and Other Advanced 3D Printing Materials for Prototyping and End-Use

By developing a completely new additive manufacturing process, Impossible Objects unlocked new composite material capabilities and combinations.

Our carbon fiber and fiberglass composites with PEEK polymers offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

  • High Heat Performance 350° C
  • High Dimensional Accuracy to 100 Microns
  • Tensile Strength 140 MPa
  • Chemical Resistant
  • UL 94V-0 Flame Resistance Certified
  • No Shrinkage or Warpage

Rivaling Mass Manufacturing Speeds

“The world is made out of things and with the CBAM 25 we
are changing how things are made. The CBAM 25 is the
world’s fastest printer and we are entering a new era of 3D
printing with nearly unlimited material options and the
speed of true mass production.”

Bob Swartz
Founder and Chairman of the Board

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